- Stable Matrix Aimed for Renewable Technology -


Prerequisite for all pratically applied materials.

Not necessarily robust,

can also be dynamic,

as long as it retains in a certain pattern under a given condition.


Periodic arrangement of molecules of various kinds.

Not necessarily repeating,

can also be other mathematically describable pattern,

as long as the linkage is identical.


We do have a goal.

Not necessarily in a specific area, as long as the research is inspiring.

Renewable Technology

There is no such combination if you look up in any dictionary. However, technology evolves in a more environment-friendly direction.

History has witnessed that, we, the human civilization, have grown and prospered with the exploitation of energies in various forms. And now, we are exploring renewable energy sources to sustain the long living of us.

In such pursuit, advances in new materials is a small but critical step.